Cake Trends: sugar people!

Hello again… is it still the summer or are we in a time warp?

I promised I’d share some more of the ‘cake trends’ that I’ve noticed over the last year, based on some of the most popular requests from my customers.

So here’s trend number two: sugar-paste figures!

These are some of my favourite cakes to make, I get very involved with the details, and obsess over tiny things like the positioning of eyebrows – it can turn a figure from scowly to friendly with just a few mm of adjustment.

Very small children love to see their favourite characters smiling at them from their cake, whilst more mature customers have requested their loved-ones in cake form, usually with the tools of their trade or hobby.

Do you know someone who would love their own little Winnie-the-Pooh or Peter Rabbit? Or, perhaps someone who would like their own sugar-paste mini-me? Sugar-work is a real head turner, and makes for very photogenic cakes, as you can see!


Cake trends: ombre icing and OTT treats

We’re halfway through the year, and some definite trends are coming through in cakes people are asking for! So, in these next few blog posts, I’ll put up some examples of designs that have proved popular in 2016.

First on the list…  well, I couldn’t think of a one-word way to describe these cakes, but they all have these features in common: round, tall (with more than 3 layers), often with a water-colour swirly buttercream frosting, and VERY over the top decorations.

More is definitely more with these cakes! Decorations should be fighting for space and spilling over the edges. These cakes are very popular for older teenage birthdays, and for anyone who loves luxury and opulence. Lashings of cream, mini-meringues, chocolate, fruits, and sweeties are all sure to grab attention and get everyone’s mouths watering!

Here are four of my favourite examples of these cakes from 2016 so far. We’ve got a gin and tonic cake with fresh fruits, mini meringes, and nuts and shards of chocolate; a Chocolate Orange cake with Terry’s and Matchmakers, and plenty of candied orange; a bold blue mojito cake loaded with huge fresh flowers and berries; and some wild hundreds and thousands! And of course, three of these cakes are showing off another key trend – the ombre icing, which looks gorgeous in so many colour combinations.

Which one would you have? And do you prefer these OTT cakes or a more traditional royal icing top?


Red Nose Day 2015

I was really happy to be asked to make some special Comic Relief inspired cakes for T K Maxx Newbury. They added the cakes to their fundraising raffle, in their mission to make as much as possible for this excellent cause!

Comic Relief supports some amazing projects in the UK and all over the world. If you’d like to donate, you can still do that on their website, even after Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day cake for T K Maxx Newbury
Red Nose Day cake for T K Maxx, Newbury
Red Nose Day cake and cupcakes for T K Maxx Newbury
Red Nose Day goodies for T K Maxx, Newbury

Thank you to the kind people at TK Maxx for asking me to help with this great cause!


The countdown to Christmas

Sooo … Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.  Have to say, have never been a fan of goose but I do love Christmas and I always steer clear of any Christmassy type foods until the day.  I love the anticipation of those first Brussels sprouts … yes, I know I’m weird but I love them and the fact that I deny myself these lovely goodies – parsnips, baked ham, mince pies – makes them all the more desirable on Christmas day.  By the same token, I love to eat with the seasons and enjoy fruit, vegetables and even meat at their best and freshest.  Having said that, I am happy to fulfil other peoples likes and to this end produced the first mince pies of the season yesterday.  They did look enticing but I was happy to send them on their way.

Christmas mince pies

The next few weeks will be filled with Christmas preparation – hampers to gather, cakes to ‘feed’ (the brandy is taking a bashing!) and decorate. Pies and biscuits to bake.  A few birthday cakes and a couple of celebrations to fit in as well.  We gave our sloe gin a couple of shakes today and had a swift taste of last year’s brew just to make sure it hadn’t gone off!  Filled with anticipation, it was returned to the cupboard to be released on Christmas eve.

The end of December will see Simply Delish celebrate 6 months in business …. it’s been a rollercoaster.

Christmas Cake Reindeer


Here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Peaceful New Year!



Buffets and party food

Buttery sausage rolls, luxury quiches, inspired salads.

If you’re organising a party and want something a little special but don’t have the time to shop or cook, let me do it for you.  All food is freshly prepared for the day of your party and delivered/set up so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy!

Let me know your budget, likes, dislikes or allergies, and if you have a theme.  I will be happy to suggest a menu and provide a taster plate if required.  Price varies depending on what you would like and how many people will be going to your event.  Max 50.

Afternoon teas

Afternoon tea
Fruit tarts, mini Victoria sponges, and a selection of sandwiches.

Whether you want to treat your mum or just have your friends round for afternoon tea, let me put together a perfect spread. Contact me to discuss your numbers and any dietary requirements or requests for a quote!


Sweet Things
A selection of cakes (choose 3 cake varieties):
Coffee & Walnut
Lemon Drizzle
Chocolate, with white chocolate butter cream filling
Victoria Sponge (traditional with just homemade jam or with jam and butter cream)
Carrot cake (with or without Lemon cream cheese topping)

Or if you have a particular favourite cake, let’s talk!

A Dainty Mix
A selection of sandwiches (choose any 3 fillings):
Cucumber/cream cheese
Egg mayonnaise & cress
Smoked Salmon & cream cheese
Coronation Chicken (with salad leaves)
Ham & Tomato (mustard/mayo if liked)
Cheese (and chutney/tomato)

Scones with clotted cream and homemade jam
Mini Victoria Sponges with homemade jam & butter cream filling

A Special Occasion
A selection of sandwiches (choose any 4 fillings):
Cucumber/cream cheese
Egg mayonnaise & cress
Smoked Salmon & cream cheese
Coronation Chicken (with salad leaves)
Ham & Tomato (mustard/mayo if liked)
Cheese (and chutney/tomato)

Scones with clotted cream and homemade jam

Selection of fruit tarts (with crème patisserie)
Pear & almond frangipane tart


Minimum spend £20, with £10 deposit required.

I can come to your home and set up. Cake stand, tablecloth, napkins provided.

Extra items:
If you would like me to provide additional crockery (teapot, cups etc.) and cutlery there will be a further deposit of £10 required, refundable once all items are returned. Breakages or missing items will be chargeable – minimum charge £5.
I am happy to provide speciality teas if required for a small extra charge.

No charge within a 3 mile radius of Lambourn.
Further afield, there will be a £10 delivery charge, up to a 10 mile radius.

Any other special requests – please ask!



Sweet Treats

Tarts, turnovers, pies, sponges, or even some old fashioned sweeties… perfect to finish off a dinner party or as part of a buffet spread!

Bespoke cakes

Whether you’re looking for a cake for a birthday, wedding, christening or just a special gathering, I can make it for you!

Take a look through the gallery for ideas, or if you already have an idea in mind simply fill in our enquiry form or give me a call! Please include as much detail as possible in your request – from size and shape (or number of slices you’d like) to decorations.