Layers upon layers

Sometimes, one layer of cake is not enough!

I’ve really enjoyed making some truly enormous cakes this year. From weddings to big birthdays, it seems everyone loves a layered cake.

Naked wedding cakes are so popular this year, and so are beautiful fresh flowers. I only use organic flowers, and I can recommend to you which flowers are safe to have on cakes that will match your colourscheme.

The best thing about a cake with layers is you don’t have to choose one flavour. Chocolate on the bottom, lemon in the middle, and a traditional fruit cake on top? Or why not include one layer that’s vegan, gluten free or sugar free for your guests with dietary requirements?

I’ve put some of my favourite cakes in the gallery below. I love the idea of layers of little cupcakes underneath a larger cake, or matching your macarons to your wedding cake!

I’m always excited to hear your ideas for decorations and designs. Just get in touch!

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Savoury summer recipe testing (in February!)

It’s a warm weekend in February, which is making me think that Spring is in the air! I always look forward to the summer, and all the time for picnics, BBQs and plenty of eating ‘al fresco’.

I’m sure that the Beast from the East will return soon to remind me summer is still a little way off though…

Anyway, I’ve been doing some recipe testing to get in the summer mood. So much of my favourite food is vegetarian, from light frittatas to lovely mixed salads. Let me add to your buffet with sandwiches, wraps, or some delicious savoury pastries – samosas or spanokopita (Greek spinach and cheese pie!), anyone?

I’m also completely in love with Ottolenghi’s cauliflower cake. I’ve found that the recipe does not need as many eggs as he uses, and I can make a gluten free version using coconut flour.

Give me a call, or send me an email or facebook message to talk about your party planning!

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Happy birthday Simply Delish!

On 1st June this year it will be Simply Delish’s 4th birthday!

I don’t know where the time has gone. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind; fun getting to know all my customers, crazy cakes, challenging cakes, tiring, meeting deadlines and working until the early hours. I’ve met some great inspirational people along the way and, with almost 400 cakes going out of my kitchen, I can’t believe I’m still standing – just about!! Many thanks to all my lovely customers and I look forward to another crazy year of creations and sugar mountains.

Thank you!

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Here are just a few recent cakes – – and I have so many orders to look forward to this summer…


Cheering on Welford Park CC

Welford Cricket Simply Delish SponsorsThis season I’m a sponsor of Welford Park Cricket Club (spot me in the programme!).

Watching cricket, perched outside a country pub or lazing on a picnic blanket with cucumber sandwiches and afternoon tea cakes, is the stuff of perfect summer days.

I’m happy to put together sweet or savoury picnic treats for your summer outings, just let me know how many people you hope to feed and your budget, and I can draw you up a menu. Give me a ring or message me via Simply Delish on Facebook.


Here’s to a sunny summer!

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September bakes

September… I think one of my favourite times of year.

Autumn has taken hold and the colours are amazing. Even the bakes are changing colour! Hallowe’en is fast approaching and bonfire night soon after. Anyone for sticky toffee apples or cupcakes?

If you have any special events or parties coming up, give me a call or message Simply Delish on Facebook. In the meantime, wrap up warm and enjoy the extra treats you can indulge in after those long walks kicking up leaves

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Cake trends: the drip cake

It seems like the only type of birthday cake that will do at the moment is a drip-topped birthday cake! These are technically tricky to do at first (I had some spectacularly bad attempts!), but now I’ve got the hang of it, I’ve got drips going down and up my cakes!

More and more people are asking for this show-stopping cake for any occasion. The best thing about the drip-cake is that you can put whatever you like on top of the drippy, glossy, chocolatey topping. Kids love loads of sweets, or you could go for more sophisticated dipped strawberries, or just indulge your love of chocolate!

Which one would you choose? The fruity or Ferraro-Rocher option? Sweets or truffles?

Here are some of my favourite cakes from the last few months to inspire you!


Cake Trends: sugar people!

Hello again… is it still the summer or are we in a time warp?

I promised I’d share some more of the ‘cake trends’ that I’ve noticed over the last year, based on some of the most popular requests from my customers.

So here’s trend number two: sugar-paste figures!

These are some of my favourite cakes to make, I get very involved with the details, and obsess over tiny things like the positioning of eyebrows – it can turn a figure from scowly to friendly with just a few mm of adjustment.

Very small children love to see their favourite characters smiling at them from their cake, whilst more mature customers have requested their loved-ones in cake form, usually with the tools of their trade or hobby.

Do you know someone who would love their own little Winnie-the-Pooh or Peter Rabbit? Or, perhaps someone who would like their own sugar-paste mini-me? Sugar-work is a real head turner, and makes for very photogenic cakes, as you can see!


Cake trends: ombre icing and OTT treats

We’re halfway through the year, and some definite trends are coming through in cakes people are asking for! So, in these next few blog posts, I’ll put up some examples of designs that have proved popular in 2016.

First on the list…  well, I couldn’t think of a one-word way to describe these cakes, but they all have these features in common: round, tall (with more than 3 layers), often with a water-colour swirly buttercream frosting, and VERY over the top decorations.

More is definitely more with these cakes! Decorations should be fighting for space and spilling over the edges. These cakes are very popular for older teenage birthdays, and for anyone who loves luxury and opulence. Lashings of cream, mini-meringues, chocolate, fruits, and sweeties are all sure to grab attention and get everyone’s mouths watering!

Here are four of my favourite examples of these cakes from 2016 so far. We’ve got a gin and tonic cake with fresh fruits, mini meringes, and nuts and shards of chocolate; a Chocolate Orange cake with Terry’s and Matchmakers, and plenty of candied orange; a bold blue mojito cake loaded with huge fresh flowers and berries; and some wild hundreds and thousands! And of course, three of these cakes are showing off another key trend – the ombre icing, which looks gorgeous in so many colour combinations.

Which one would you have? And do you prefer these OTT cakes or a more traditional royal icing top?


Happy Birthday Simply Delish!

So, today I celebrate a year of trading as Simply Delish! It’s been a whirlwind of cakes, buffets and celebrations. I have met some lovely people over the last 12 months and had so much support and encouragement from everyone. I’ve said more than once how I wish I started years ago, but I have no regrets and there are many positives to starting something once you have lived a little and learnt to take the rough with the smooth. Had a couple of shaky moments at the beginning when there seemed to be more and more expense but, as thing settled, the books seem to be balancing a little better and some of the big investments I’ve made are beginning to pay off. Not least my lovely Kenwood mixer – sad to get sentimental about a piece of kitchen kit I know – but I credit it for the lovely fluffy cakes which have come out of my oven over the past few weeks.
My order book is filling up nicely with orders through to September. I have some lovely customers who come back again and again – which means a lot – and each week, I meet new people who set me great challenges! I never know what I’m going to be asked to do next! It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I look forward to seeing the finished cakes as much as my customers and sharing their excitement gives me a big buzz!
There are lots of people I’d like to thank for pointing me in the right direction and giving me a kick when I was ready to throw in the towel but I thought I take this opportunity to acknowledge their support in a way that I’m sure they will appreciate.

1. This will forever be known as the ‘Carol Bradley’ – much requested and reincarnated in various forms ….

Chocolate and strawberry celebration cake

2. Will from this day forward be known as the ‘Graham Bradley’ – much admired and a chocolate lover’s dream …

chocolate orange cake

3. My nemesis – though I love them all dearly … have lost count of the number of Frozen cakes I have made…

frozen cake

4. Finally, I was going to post a picture of my favourite cake but ended up finding 3 which I loved doing and just can’t decide which one is my absolute favourite so I will let you decide.

I suppose I should include this one too!

chocolate orange cake

Let me know what you think and I’ll select someone to receive a little something as a special treat.

Thank you again to all my customers and friends, and here’s looking forward to the next year of baking for your celebrations!