Layers upon layers

Sometimes, one layer of cake is not enough!

I’ve really enjoyed making some truly enormous cakes this year. From weddings to big birthdays, it seems everyone loves a layered cake.

Naked wedding cakes are so popular this year, and so are beautiful fresh flowers. I only use organic flowers, and I can recommend to you which flowers are safe to have on cakes that will match your colourscheme.

The best thing about a cake with layers is you don’t have to choose one flavour. Chocolate on the bottom, lemon in the middle, and a traditional fruit cake on top? Or why not include one layer that’s vegan, gluten free or sugar free for your guests with dietary requirements?

I’ve put some of my favourite cakes in the gallery below. I love the idea of layers of little cupcakes underneath a larger cake, or matching your macarons to your wedding cake!

I’m always excited to hear your ideas for decorations and designs. Just get in touch!

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Wedding cakes

From intimate gatherings to huge knees-ups, every wedding is different. I’ve made single tier cakes for smaller parties, as well as multi-tiered extravaganzas with extra cutting cakes for up to 300 guests.

Be inspired by some of the cakes below, or if you have an idea in mind simply fill in my enquiry form or give me a call! Please include as much detail as possible in your request even if you’re not 100% sure – from size and shape (or number of slices you’d like) to decorations.

I can also create extra sweet treats or wedding favours to match your theme: choose from cupcakes, lollipops, iced gems, macarons, biscuits, or mini meringues… or go for a combination of all of them.

You are also very welcome to visit my kitchen and taste some samples, and go over your ideas in person. Just get in touch!