Cake Secrets… shhh!

I regularly get asked questions about making the perfect sponge, and it’s something I’ve never really sat down and thought about… I’m too busy making the cakes 😉

But, just for this blog, here are a few things that I do that give me good results – most of the time!!

1. Line your tin… carefully!
Ensure that the base and every side is well covered. Well worth the extra effort to get a neat finish.

2. Weigh your eggs
This is my secret for the traditional Victoria sponge. Weigh your eggs, then match all your other ingredients to them. Except for the sugar…

3. Use 10g less sugar
A crispy top is not what you want on a sponge. I usually skim off 10g of sugar off of whatever recipe I’m using, and seems to do the trick.

4. Good quality cupcake cases
I’ve found that some cupcake cases can pull away from the cakes as they cool, so it’s worth getting to know which cases work. When you find a brand that works, stick with it! I love to experiment with lots of cupcake cases, and sometimes they can go a little wrong… even if they are pretty!

5. Give your cakes a coat
For a super smooth finish, before you ice your cake give it a thin coat of butter cream to seal in any crumbs – a ‘crumb coat’ for those in the know!

Do you have any secrets you’d like to share? Comment below!