Magical mushrooms…

The first ‘crop’ from the mushroom log in our garden!

I love mushrooms. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I have to stop myself having them too many times a day!

I usually go for the brown chestnut mushrooms for day-to-day dishes, but I also like to bring in dried porcini, shiitake, or Oyster mushrooms now and again for an even more powerful funghi flavour.

A couple of years ago we were gifted a log with some mushrooms spores in it, and were full of excitement for our own crop. We’ve patiently waited many months and so far we’ve grown a grand total of… two shiitake! Not quite the mushroom farm I imagined!

Seasonal pumpkin stuffed with a mix of mushrooms.

We’re lucky in Lambourn to be in the delivery area for the Funghi Club (not an advert, I just love their food). The Funghi Club’s speciality mushrooms are a little pricier than your average button-cup, but with lockdown feeling never-ending these lovely mushies have certainly brightened my day.

When cooking with mushrooms, I like to make them the star of the dish. This simple stuffed pumpkin makes the most of autumnal flavours, with woody Oyster mushrooms joining your regular supermarket shroomies. Plenty of parsley and black pepper in the creamy sauce makes this real comfort food!

Have you ever grown your own mushrooms?